Discount Plan

Discount Plan

$299 Annual Membership (Ages 14 years and older) –

That comes out to only $25/month!

$199 Annual Membership (Ages 2-13 years) –

That comes out to only $16/month!

$100 Annual Membership (Ages 2 years and under) –

That comes out to only $8.03 /month!

Procedures Included in Plan


New patient/comprehensive exam 100%
Full Set Digital X-rays (1x/3yrs) 100%
Checkup Digital X-Rays(2x/yr.) 100%
* Oral Cancer Screenings(2x/yr.) 100%
Dental Cleanings (2x/yr.) 100%
* Fluoride Treatments(2x/yr.) 100%
Emergency Exam(lx/yr.) 100%
Emergency Digital X-ray (2x/yr.) 100%

Discounted Procedures Coverage Sealants 


Sealants 50%
Fillings, Crown & Bridges 20%
Extractions 20%



Implant Restorations 20%
Cosmetic Dentistry/Veneers 20%
Scaling /Root Planning (Deep Cleaning ) 20%
Nightguards / Athletic Nightguards 20%

Please note that Annual Dues must be paid in full before services are rendered

  1. Annual fees must be paid in full before services are rendered.
  2. Family members cannot be substituted in for one another.
  3. Membership dues must be paid in full or financed by a third
    party in full at sign up.
  4. Effective date is the date plan was purchased.
  5. Renewal date is one year from plan purchase date.
  6. All discounts and services are forfeited when plan expires.
  7. In the case of periodontal disease, where additional re-care visits are necessary outside of the two visits allowed by the plan, a 20% discount off the standard cleaning fee will apply.
  8. Lofts Dental Plan cannot be combined with dental insurance benefits.
  9. Payment is due at time of service for any services not covered 100%
  10. All fees for treatment requiring multiple visits or laboratory fees are due on the first visit
  11. Membership fees are non-refundable.
  12. Discounts are only valid at Lofts Dental Care and are not valid should you be referred to specialists.
  13. Invisalign, Sleep Wellness Services, Sleep Apnea Appliances, Teeth whitening, Dental Products (electric toothbrush, etc.) are excluded from the plan.