Lofts Dental Care offers the highest quality dentures in Langhorne, PA and the surrounding areas. For some, dentures offer a way to restore a youthful, healthy smile while enhancing your quality of life. Dentures have come a long way with advances in medical technology, making them more accessible, convenient, and realistic than ever before. Whether you’re missing all your teeth or only a few, dentures let you enjoy the things you love with radiant, beautiful teeth.

For some of our patients, we’ve found that dentures offer the perfect restorative solution to missing teeth. Some dentures can be fabricated and worn immediately after teeth are pulled, and offer a lower-cost alternative to more expensive dental implants. Lofts Dental Care knows the advantage of properly-fitted and adjusted dentures, which is why our dentures are fabricated on-site by our technicians, and are constructed to perfectly fit your mouth. We also provide denture adjustments so as your gums, jaws, and teeth change, your dentures can change with you for maximum comfort and health.

Dentures come in a variety of styles and fits, including more traditional complete dentures as well as partial dentures—sometimes known as a dental bridge—that use the structure of your remaining teeth to hold artificial teeth into place. This innovation is a wonderful alternative to complete dentures for those who find themselves only missing one or a few teeth, and provide patients with pearly-white, healthy-looking teeth in a minimally-invasive, comfortable way.

When it comes to fixing your smile, modern dentistry offers so many wonderful options. We make full dentures, partial dentures, flexible dentures, and implant-supported dentures. When you visit our office, our dentist, Dr. Arti Kaul DMD,  will examine you to determine the best dentures for your mouth, and provide you with detailed information and skilled care. Our network of dentists and oral surgeons work closely with us to serve our patients’ needs as quickly as possible while maintaining a high standard of quality. If you are interested in our denture services, please contact Lofts Dental Care today.

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