Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges



Reminiscing common knowledge, bridges are infrastructures that connect two points for smooth movement or flow of logistics. Now a dental bridge; being something similar; is built taking support of existing natural teeth anterior and posterior to some missing teeth. Dental bridges provide a fixed option for replacement of missing teeth which can restore functions, aesthetics and stability hampered due to missing teeth.

Dental bridges usually need presence of healthy natural teeth anterior and posterior to your edentulous area. The edentulous area refers to the toothless part of the denture. To connect such areas where an implant is not possible, these bridges are built so as to protect the gums and also to fill in the space left behind by teeth that have been removed or that have been lost permanently. A dental bridge usually involves one or more artificial teeth, also termed as pontics which are held in proper position with the help if dental crowns also known as abutments. The material used to make these replacement teeth can vary from silver or gold amalgam or even porcelain which is the more commonly used material these days as it restores the basi aesthetics of the mouth and the smile.

Our dental experts provide best quality dental bridges which help you restoring your natural dental functions for a healthy time span.

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