Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns



It is always advisable to cover your root canal treated tooth with dental crown. Root Canal treatments once done, the tooth that has undergone the procedure is rendered sensitive for a certain period of time which can vary from person to person, In such cases it becomes much necessary that the tooth is protected against sudden shocks and abrasions like the ones that occur from abrasive food items or too hot or too cold food and drinks. At such times, dental crowns are the saviours.

At our clinic, we specialise in dental crowns and are dental technicians would be more than happy to help you out. With the availability of a wholesome number of options, it is definitely suggested that the patient shares what kind of dental crown or what kind of aesthetic look they would prefer when getting a dental crown fitted.

We provide quality metal free porcelain crowns (tooth coloured crowns) as well as a host of other options. Root canal treatment renders treated tooth brittle. To avoid situations such as fractures and increase strength of teeth, one should definitely not ignore the need for a dental crown. Porcelain crowns are better options when compared to metal crowns as they are natural in appearance and are metal free, an important factor to be considered in cases of metal allergy. Hence, we recommend you to get a proper consultation with our expert dentists. Even if you have already got a RCT, i.e. Root Canal Treatment done at any other location, our consultants can still help you out with your dental crowns.

We make sure the patient has understood the reason for getting dental crowns, the type of dental crowns that would need and what kind of dental crowns would suit them as well as what exactly the procedure involves.

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